Kathryn Bigelow will Kill Bin Laden

Update (May 4): Variety has confirmed screenwriter Mark Boal will indeed rewrite the picture to conclude with “the 40-minute firefight at the compound in Pakinstan where bin Laden was found and shot to death.”  The original story is below:

The assassination of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden will no doubt have a monumental impact on the future of the human race. Less significant is the effect it will have on Hollywood, but an effect it will have.

Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow and her Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal were busy prepping their next film – tentatively titled Kill Bin Laden – when U.S. President Barack Obama gave the order to actually kill their antagonist.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, their current script is based upon a failed attempt by the US military to take out the Al-Qaida head.

Bigelow and Boal had been meeting actors to star in the pic, with Joel Edgerton the most recent contender for the lead.

Of course, they can now expect a bunch of similar Bin Laden projects to flood the marketplace. Paramount will likely make some moves to turn Jawbreaker – a book by intelligence operative Gary Bernsten about the early days of the hunt for Osama – into a film as quickly as possible. They purchased the rights back in 2006.

THR wonder if Bigelow and Boal will continue as planned, rewrite their project completely, or abandon ship. Kill Bin Laden could either become the hottest project in Hollywood, or one of a million clones.

Discuss: What do you hope becomes of Kill Bin Laden?

4 Responses to “Kathryn Bigelow will Kill Bin Laden”

  1. “Monumental impact on the future of the human race” – really? I think the impacts will be marginal at best. Terrorism will remain, and the world will continue as normal.

  2. I’d really like to see the events of the past ten years or so put behind us, so we can focus on the potential for mankind to learn to live our lives without making a negative impact on each other.

    This film will only serve to remind those followers of the terrorist groups (cells) of what they were told to do. Other than to antagonise the enemy, I fail to see the point of wasting so much money on making this film.

  3. I’d rather see filmmakers put their resources put into doing a really great documentary on the actual events surrounding the assassination.

  4. I agree with the previous two comments. This film (like the other self-righteous ‘hurt locker’ film from the same director) will only attempt once again to justify the injustifiable, that is the US military spreading their very own form of justice: “Kill first, discuss later”.
    Bin Laden should have been captured, and then tried for his crimes, or at least you’d have expected a country posing as a leader of the world to put up with a show pretending events happened that way.
    A film blowing the trumpets of how they went to Pakistan “Team America, World Police” way, and assassinated Bin Laden will turn him into even more of a martyr in the eyes of the integrist (and probably moderate too) muslim world, and simply worsen an already intolerable tension.
    I just wish mainstream Hollywood filmmakers stopped being a propaganda tool for the sad and dangerous views of decadent and crumbling empire.

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