Trailer Debut: Conan the Barbarian (Feature Trailer)

The feature trailer for Marcus Nispel‘s remake of Conan the Barbarian has debuted online. Although it’s light on camel-punching, the flick looks enough like the original Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle to appease fans.

New Conan Jason Momoa is joined by Rose McGowanRachel NicholsRon Perlman and Stephen Lang. See if you can recognise any of them in the trailer below!

Also, keep an ear out for the Wilhelm Scream about midway through.

You can also check it on in HD over at Yahoo.

Conan the Barbarian arrives in U.S. cinemas August 2011, with an Australian release to follow.

Discuss: But will it feature a scene as awesome as this?

One Response to “Trailer Debut: Conan the Barbarian (Feature Trailer)”

  1. I doubt it. This movie seems too politically correct for such crudeness.

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