Arnold Schwarzenegger to Cry Macho before Terminator 5

Last week it was reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Fast Five director Justin Lin were pitching a new sequel to The Terminator. While Hollywood honchos scramble to grab that impressive package (that’s what she said), Arnie has locked in his first film since leaving office and returning to the acting game: Cry Macho.

According to Deadline, producers QED have signed Schwarzenegger to the project, having agreed to his epic pay demands. He will collect $12.5 million up front, as well as 25% of the first dollar gross (that means a quarter of the studio’s takings, after the theatres take their cut). So yeah, it’s a lot of money.

Based on the novel by N. Richard Nash, Cry Macho sees Schwarzenegger play a horse breeder in need of cash who kidnaps his boss’ son from the mother. The Lincoln Lawyer’s Brad Furman is likely to direct.

Schwarzenegger was set to star in the project before Californian politics got in the way.

There’s another project that is being rumoured for Arnie: a sequel to Twins. Take that with a pinch of salt, won’t you?

Discuss:  Will the 63-year-old still be able to pull in the crowds?

2 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger to Cry Macho before Terminator 5”

  1. I think so, seems interesting

  2. He hasn’t played a bad guy since the 1st terminator. I’d be interested to see it.

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