Joel Edgerton signs up to Kill Bin Laden

Earlier in the week, numerous sources speculated that Kathryn Bigelow‘s Kill Bin Laden project would be fast-tracked into production … for obvious reasons. They were right. Joel Edgerton has officially become the first actor to join the cast of commandos tasked with taking out the Al Qaeda leader.

In The Hollywood Reporter‘s original story, Edgerton was named as the lead contender for the film’s starring role.

According to the L.A. Times 24 Frames‘ – speaking to anonymous sources close to the production – Edgerton will play a special operative amongst an ensemble of commandos. He reportedly dropped out of the running of Snow White and The Huntsman for the role, so we suspect it’s more than a small supporting part.

Mark Boal’s original screenplay depicted a failed attempt to take out Bin Laden from a number of years ago. Following the revelation that the terrorist leader had been assassinated, Boal announced that he would write Osama’s Last Stand into the screenplay. So, happy ending!

Shooting is set to begin in the American summer … which basically means, as soon as is humanly possible.

Discuss: Does the news of Edgerton’s involvement make you more excited for the film, or, as the majority of you shared earlier in the week, is the project still just a bad idea?

One Response to “Joel Edgerton signs up to Kill Bin Laden”

  1. LOL that is the most eye catching title I’ve ever come across.

    Personally I think doing the film now is in bad taste. It’s too soon as they say. Also if your original story was about a botched attempted and they’re just going to change the ending I think it will come off looking like a hack job. They either need to go through the whole script and change accordingly or keep the ending as is and put a title card at the end saying Bin Laden was killed.

    Another reason for waiting is we don’t know revelations may come out about Bin Laden’s killing. If something comes out during filming it’s going to be hard to change the script.

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