Ryan Gosling in Drive is fast(er) and furious(er)

Back in January we named Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive the “16th most exciting film of 2011” based on its stellar cast alone. Now, having seen the first bit of footage from the picture, we’ll admit that we probably underestimated its potential awesomeness.

Drive stars Gosling as a Hollywood stuntman who moonlights as a getaway driver for Los Angeles criminals. The synopsis sounded like a typical brainless action flick, so we were surprised to hear the film would be playing in competition at Cannes this month.

Check out the clip below and you’ll understand just how quickly and righteously it shut us up.

You can also watch it in HD at the official Cannes website.

Refn – best known for helming the Pusher trilogy and introducing us to Tom Hardy in Bronson – seems to be evoking Michael Mann here, putting the camera and the audience as close to the action as possible. As a result, this two-minute clip alone is fresher and more visceral than anything we saw in Fast and Furious 5.

Drive also stars  Carey MulliganBryan CranstonAlbert BrooksOscar IsaacMad Men‘s Christina Hendricks and arrives in Australian cinemas September 2011.

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