So, how many Oscars will Fast and Furious Five win?

The L.A. Times has gone long on the increasing popularity of the Fast and Furious franchise, interviewing all the major players about the series’ cultural and social significance (don’t scoff … yet).

The piece actually does offer some interesting insights into the success of the saga – the most recent instalment of which has broken box office records; practically unheard of for the fourth sequel to a ten-year-old film. UCLA professor Jonathan Kuntz (again, please don’t scoff) gives us his two cents:

“Street racing has not exactly been a fantasy of the elite … In the ’40s and ’50s, working class people and ordinary folks were working on their hot rods and Chevys. And here we see that glamorized and made global.”

It’s only star Vin Diesel who perhaps allows the success to go to his head:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some Oscar talk around this. I don’t know, maybe I’m just biting off what some guy from Channel 7 thought,” he said with a chuckle. “But sooner or later, people are gonna say, ‘Wait a minute, just because they are for the working class doesn’t mean they’re not great.'”

Well! Perhaps now five-year-old screenwriter Chris Morgan will get the Oscar he deserves!

Discuss: Which categories could you see Fast Five scoring some love from the Academy? Is there a ‘Best Homoerotically-Charged  Fight Scene’ category yet?

7 Responses to “So, how many Oscars will Fast and Furious Five win?”

  1. your superiority complex in relation to this film/franchise is so boring.

  2. If there was such a category I think it will go to Twilight, don’t you?

  3. It’s 5 movies about car races in various streets… I’m not seeing the appeal. Why do you need 5 movies to say “Cars go fast” which is the basic premise of this series. And to use the phrase Oscar in the same sentence… those awards are losing their meaning fast aren’t they?

  4. Why not! I’m sure worse movies have won Oscars before!

    Whether you like it or not, you have to admit it was a smart move by the producers to cast two big action stars opposite each other in one movie.

    • Good point. Fast Five is genuinely better than Crash (which took home Best Picture in 2005).

      And I do have total respect for the producers for getting the band back together and bringing in Dwayne Johnson – this is a series that genuinely respects its fan base, which is rare.

      But still – not enough action sequences!

  5. Hey, some of the cinematography was great in Fast 5, but for me, it was the dragging that huge safe around the streets that worked for me. Maybe we should wait to see what happens in Six, when Michelle Rodriguez returns (for those of you who left before the credits finished). Perhaps we’ll see a wedding performed on the open road with a convoy of speeding cars escorting a hotted-up Cadillac convertible while being chased by a dozen cop cars toward the Mexican border… Oscar, still not convinced.

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