Charlie Hunnam to venture into Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim

Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam is set to star in Guillermo del Toro’s latest film Pacific Rim, according to Deadline.

Pacific Rim is a futuristic story about malicious creatures who are threatening the earth, destroying it city by city … hmm, sounds familiar. Using highly advanced weaponry, the humans must band together to protect their world and, of course, kick some ass!

Produced for Legendary Pictures by Thomas Tull, Jon Jashni and del Toro, and with a screenplay by Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans), the project gained momentum when del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness, with Tom Cruise on board, was halted by Universal.

If you haven’t yet seen the Golden Globe award winning show Sons or Anarchy, it’s on its way to One HD later this month, with a DVD release to hopefully follow. Hunnam may also look familiar to fans of Judd Apatow’s Undeclared; his follow up series following the cancellation of Freaks and Geeks. Hunnam will next be seen in The Ledge, which premiered at Sundance, and has just completed filming on Blackbird with Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde.

Discuss: Here’s hoping this del Toro project doesn’t go bust too!

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