Johnny Depp rebooting The Thin Man

Notorious detective fiction writer Dashiell Hammet, the man who pretty much invented the ‘hard-boiled’ genre, has influenced generations of writers including Raymond Chandler and William Burroughs. While The Maltese Falcon might be one of Hammett’s more recognisable titles, his 1934 novel The Thin Man, which told the story of an alcoholic ex-detective, enjoyed great commercial success and formed the starting point for a film series in the 40s, and later, a TV series in the fifties.

Decades on, Hammet is still wielding influence, this time over none other than Mr. Johnny Depp, who is passionate about getting a Thin Man remake off the ground.

A press release from Warner Bros reveals that Depp will star and produce, has recruited Jerry Stahl (who wrote a film based on his own memoir, Permanent Midnight, as well as a couple episodes of Twin Peaks) to do the screenplay, and will bring his Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides director, Rob Marshall, on board to direct.

Chicago demonstrated Marshall’s ability to work a stylish period piece, and his background in choreography will no doubt lend the alcohol fuelled domestic scenes in The Thin Man some kinetic clout. No doubt Stahl will also give him an excellent screenplay to work with. Then again, Marshall’s forte for big, powerful, showy films might backfire in adapting a complex, understated classic – he didn’t fare too well with his Federico Fellini adaptation, after all.

Discuss: Is this a remake you’d like to see?

One Response to “Johnny Depp rebooting The Thin Man”

  1. It would be fantastic for JD to remake the “Thin Man”films.

    The original iconic series was brilliant,funny and very entertaining.

    Quickflix should aquire copies of the original films…I ‘ll be the first to to hire them.

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