Billionairess to make two more Terminator films

Imagine you had billions and billions of dollars. What would you spend it on? Ending poverty? Possibly. Bringing to the screen all the awesome films languishing in development hell? Definitely.

Very rich heiress Megan Ellison is doing just that, having already ponied up the dough for two Paul Thomas Anderson films, a new Spike Jonze/Charlie Kaufman collaboration, Kill Bin Laden, a Julian Assange biopic, the Brad Pitt thriller Cogan’s Trade, Wong Kar Wai‘s new martial arts epic Grandmasters and The Wettest County in the World.

But she’s no art house snob. Deadline reports that Ellison won the rights to the new Terminator film set to star Arnold Schwarzenegger at an auction in Cannes. Ellison beat closest competitor Lionsgate, and is suspected to have paid around $20 million for the honour.

Ellison now holds the rights to make at least two Terminator films starring Arnie, with Fast Five director Justin Lin attached to direct.

Seeing how quickly her other projects are gaining speed, we can expect more news on Terminator 5 and 6 very soon.

Discuss: Do you think Arnie has it in him for another two Terminator flicks?

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