Joel Edgerton nabs role in The Great Gatsby

Back in the 70s, Robert Redford was the epitome of stylish and decadent actors – one of the few blokes at the time who could pull off the role of Jay Gatsby in Jack Clayton’s adaptation of the F.Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby.

Now, Baz Luhrmann is taking a shot at bringing the novel to the screen, and has secured Leonardo DiCaprio to play the charismatic lead, with Tobey Maguire cast as the novel’s wide-eyed narrator, Nick Carraway. Following rumours that either Ben Affleck or Bradley Cooper would be playing the part of Tom Buchanan, the husband of Jay Gatsby’s love interest, Daisy (Carey Mulligan), Deadline confirms Australian Joel Edgerton (Animal Kingdom) has scored the role.

Joel Edgerton’s history for playing slightly unpleasant, brutish yet charming characters (who could forget his years spent playing the frustratingly lovable Will in Aussie drama The Secret Life Of Us?) proves he has the chops to play the slightly violent, rough character of Tom Buchanan.  He’s also got experience in playing selfish husbands (see Aussie flick The Waiting City).

This is the second big casting coup for Edgerton in the past two weeks, having scored a key role in Kathryn Bigelow’s Kill Bin Laden.

Discuss: Is Edgerton a good fit for Tom?

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