Michelle Williams to play the Good Witch in Wizard of Oz prequel

Michelle Williams has scored the role of Glinda, the Good Witch, in Sam Raimi‘s Wizard of Oz prequel Oz, The Great and Powerful.

According to Variety, Glinda’s was the last major role to be filled, and production on the film can finally move forward. The picture starts shooting in the wonderful land of Michigan in July.

As previously reported, James Franco will star as the circus-wrangler Oz who becomes mistaken for an all-powerful wizard. Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz will play witches Theodorah and Evanora (the eventual Wicked Witch of the West) respectively.

The flick is expected to debut in 2012.

Discuss: Michelle Williams is one of the best actresses working today. Would you prefer she stay in smaller art house fare, or are you glad to see her make the move to blockbusters?

One Response to “Michelle Williams to play the Good Witch in Wizard of Oz prequel”

  1. Sam Raimi at the helm of the Wizard of Oz prequel should be a real hoot! I totally though there would be a movie version of the fabulous stage production of ‘Wicked’ but whether this version of events will be presented as a musical remains to be seen.

    A great cast too, Michelle Williams is indeed a brilliant actress and it will be very interesting to see her playing Glinda the good witch, musically inclined or otherwise. I think it will be good to see her in a “block-buster”, however, she obviously chooses a film because of the role, rather than the pay-packet, a rare trait in “Hollywood” these days. She obviously felt she could bring something wonderful to this project.

    This may also be another vehicle for Mila Kunis to show the world her diversity and range of talent too. The gorgeous Rachel Weisz will be amazing as the wicked witch, I’m sure.

    I for one can’t wait to see the result. It may be a great opportunity for Tourism Australia to promote our country too!!

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