Monsters 2 in the works

Screen Daily reports Vertigo Films is prepping a sequel to the hit low budget sci-fi Monsters.

The sequel, appropriately titled Monsters 2, will be helmed by two emerging talents, Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas. The director of the first film, Gareth Edwards, will serve as Executive Producer with Monsters actor Scoot McNairy and Vertigo’s Rupert Preston. Edwards has signed on to direct the Godzilla reboot for Legendary Pictures after the success of his budget hit.

Plot details are scarce at this point in time but it’s reported the sequel will follow a teacher from a protected walled city who enters the infected zone looking for his long-lost brother, a former military man.

While no casting has been announced, Producer Allan Niblo assures fans of the original the sequel will continue in the same spirit of the original, saying “We wouldn’t have done it if we didn’t find the right talent [in the two new directors]. Gareth loves their vision. People want to see more of this world.”

He also guarantees more creatures with an increased budget somewhere around the $5 million mark – quite a jump considering the first film was made for under $1 million.

Discuss: Are you looking forward to returning to the world of Monsters?

One Response to “Monsters 2 in the works”

  1. Oh good golly I clicked on this article thinking it was about Monsters Inc 2….LOL.

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