Thor toy sets off bomb scare

A Thor press kit has caused a security scare when it was disposed of in a Michigan dumpster, the A.V. Club reports.

Not content to send out novelty hammers or blonde Thor wigs (I really, really want a blonde Thor wig), the marketing division of Akura, whose cars feature in the blockbuster, decided to send out S.H.I.E.L.D agent test kits, supposedly from the fictional government agency in the movie.

Though the kit was made of paper and plastic, and had the word Thor printed on it, the briefcase sized box caused a bomb scare when Automobile magazine staff disposed of it and a passerby alerted the authorities.

After diverting traffic, calling in the FBI and ATF agents, U.S. Marshalls and suited technicians who inspected the suspicious package realised that perhaps they had all overreacted just a little. The incident coincided with a bomb threat that had been phoned in concerning a bus station down the street so we can kind of see how a press kit with vials of blue liquid and the word detonation written on it could be perceived as a threat … not really.

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