Jim Jarmusch to trade Coffee and Cigarettes for blood and fangs

Trying to understand what’s going on in Jim Jarmusch’s mind can be puzzling at the best of times – from spiritual gangster films to crime thrillers set in the symbolic realm, there’s just no predicting what he’ll do next. Actually, we do know. A vampire movie! Set in Detroit!

According to Screen Daily, Jim is set to film a crypto-vampire love story in early 2012, starring Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska as vampires, and John Hurt in a feature role.

The world certainly doesn’t need any more vampire films, but given Jarmusch’s history of excruciatingly slow paced, metaphor-heavy, visually poetic films that are pretty inaccessible to your common Joe Bloggs – and given the high quality cast – we’ve got a feeling this won’t be your typical genre pap.

Jim’s had experience dealing with bounty-hunting cannibals in Dead Man; hopefully he will re-imagine the vampire genre in a defining, memorable way like he did for the Western in that film. After the impact Neil Young’s haunting score had in making Dead Man – what some regard as ‘the best movie at the end of the 20th century’ – we’ll be intrigued as to Jarmusch’s soundtrack choices for this one.

Discuss: Would you be eager to see another vampire film if it came from the mind of Jim Jarmusch?

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