Carrie remake in the works

MGM and Screen Gems are teaming up to bring Stephen King’s first published novel – Carrie – back to the big screen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (the playwright hired to fix the super-maligned musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark) will adapt King’s book for the screen.

Carrie was previously adapted in 1976 by writer Lawrence D. Cohen, and helmed by Brian DePalma. Sissy Spacek starred as the eponymous heroine; a shy young girl with telekinetic powers who snaps – violently – at the school prom following a cruel prank. She scored an Oscar nomination for her troubles, as did Piper Laurie, for playing her psychotic, ultra-religious mother.

If MGM and Screen Gems want to create a film that matches up to the original – one of the greatest horror films of all time – they’ll need to recapture its sly sense of humour as well as the pervasive social satire, and hire a couple of leading ladies that can hold a candle to Spacek and Laurie. Also, good luck beating that ending!

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One Response to “Carrie remake in the works”

  1. oh…make these not-needed remakes, reboots, rejigs stop! Where’s the original storylines and screenplays?

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