First look at Jack Black in Bernie

The first images from Jack Black and Richard Linklater’s latest collaboration Bernie (a deliberate reference to Weekend at Bernie’s … we think) have debuted online. They’re coming at you courtesy of Collider

Black stars as Bernie, a creepy undertaker who commits a terrible crime, yet remains popular in his small Texas town. Shirley MacLaine stars as an old lady that Bernie befriends.

Linklater told The Playlist that the film is “my Fargo‘, which should offer some indication of the picture’s black comedy stylings.

Black and Linklater last worked together on 2003’s School of Rock. Bernie will open the Los Angeles Film Festival, and will hopefully arrive in Australian cinemas later this year.

Discuss: Can you buy Black as a creepy weirdo?

One Response to “First look at Jack Black in Bernie”

  1. I’d be surprised if jack black pulled it off, he was just alright in King Kong but to actually be creepy I don’t think so.

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