Lenny Kravitz, Toby Jones join The Hunger Games

Lenny Kravitz has been cast as Cinna, the flashy and faithful stylist to Katniss, in Gary Ross’ adaptation of The Hunger Games. British actor Toby Jones has also joined the cast as Claudius Templesmith, the Hunger Games announcer with a booming voice.

The appointments come as production begins on the hotly anticipated adaptation, but are fans of the series happy with the latest casting news?

As has been the case since it was announced Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth would embody Katniss, Peeta and Gale, fans are divided over the much loved character Cinna. For many, this casting has come from left field, with some envisioning the character to be more feminine, and perhaps more petite. Based on Kravitz’s performance in Precious however, we’re sure he’ll make a fine Cinna.

Jones’ casting has been well received and fans can’t wait to hear him bellow his character’s trademark line, “and may the odds be ever in your favour!”

Discuss: Alright THG fans, let us hear your thoughts!

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