Trailer Debut: Take Shelter

The official trailer for Jeff Nichols’ Sundance hit Take Shelter has arrived online.

The film stars Michael Shannon as Curtis LaForche, a man who envisions an apocalyptic storm approaching. With a deaf daughter and a loving wife, money is tight, and as the story unfolds Curtis is forced to question whether it is his family he must shelter or himself.

Check out the trailer and share your thoughts below.

Dealing with issues of mental illness, Slashfilm described the movie as moving “like molasses punctuated with moments of frightening intensity”. There’s a definite atmosphere depicted in the trailer – the looming storm clouds, Curtis’ obsessive behaviour in building the storm shelter and stocking it with supplies – and you get a real sense of the desperation of the characters from such a short clip. There’s also an uneasiness the trailer instils, not knowing what is real and what it is Curtis is only seeing.

Take Shelter plays the Sydney Film Festival next month.

Discuss: Is this one you plan on checking out when it arrives in Australia?

One Response to “Trailer Debut: Take Shelter”

  1. Wow, this trailer just blow your mind. Cannot wait to see this film. Michael Shannon is a very underrated actor

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