Beckinsale and Biel join Total Recall

Len Wiseman‘s upcoming remake of Total Recall has found its leading ladies. Collider has confirmed Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel will join Colin Farrell and Bryan Cranston in the new film.

The long gestating retooling of the 1990 Paul Verhoeven flick (itself based upon Philip K. Dick’s story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale) features Farrell in the Arnold Schwarzenegger role; a factory worker who begins to suspect he is a secret agent.

Beckinsale will star as Farrell’s wife and Biel will play the woman he romances during his time as a spy.

THR reports that Bill Nighy will play leader of the resistance Quatto. It is unknown if, like in the original (where the character was called Kuato), he will live inside another human.

Discuss: Looking forward to this reboot, or are you still perplexed as to why they’re making it in the first place?

2 Responses to “Beckinsale and Biel join Total Recall”

  1. Wow. What a surprise. A Len Wiseman film with his wife in a starring role. Is he the only person who casts her nowadays. It’s like Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson!
    Immediately I think this is gonna stink up a treat. Does anybody have any fresh ideas out there. I’m all for seeing book-to-film adaptations if it hasn’t been done before and can add something to the story by being on the big screen but why does Hollywood continue to look no further back than 10, 15 or 20 years into film history for source material.
    Definitely not on my list of reboots, remakes, sequels and/or prequels to see.

  2. A resounding boo! Agree wholeheartedly with Ro D above. A big stinkeroonie indeed. Who greenlights these projects?

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