World’s worst directors making Avatar spoof

The world would be a boring place if everyone agreed about everything, especially when it comes to art. Thank goodness for the internet then, where you can read thoughtful defences and appreciations of artists as diverse (yet similarly polarising) as Justin BieberLars von Trier and more.

No such defences have been written on Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. Even I – who has defended critic Armond White’s intentionally aggravating review style for encouraging debate in the film community – am pleased to see that these two are universally regarded as the worst filmmakers in the world.

The duo is responsible for (deep breath)  Meet The SpartansEpic MovieDate MovieDisaster Movie and Vampires Suck; surely there are no worse filmographies on IMDB than those found on the pages of Friedberg and Seltzer.

We had hoped the financial failure of Disaster Movie would end their reign of terror once and for all, but then they returned with the Twilight spoof Vampires Suck which made a pretty packet at the box office. Now comes their most ambitious – and by that we mean laziest – movie yet.

In a press release to Coming Soon, the duo announced The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D, a three-dimensional take-off of James Cameron‘s Avatar. Now in pre-production, the film already has a teaser poster.

Here’s an excerpt from their presser:

“With a domestic box office of nearly 700 million dollars and an overseas haul of over 2 billion, it was only a matter time before this behemoth got a good ribbing. And what could possibly be riper for satire? You got half naked blue people plugging their hair into strange flying horses so they can read their thoughts! And nothing in this mega blockbuster is off limits, from its overly simplified message of “big corporations = bad; tree hugging environmentalist = good,” to the broadly drawn characters like the buffed out Colonel who’s in a perpetual ‘roid rage to the very colorful, glowing and… come on, totally stony world of Pandora.”

Yes, the time truly is now to spoof Avatar – almost two years after it arrived in cinemas, and at least 18 months after everyone had exhausted every possible joke on the subject. Forgive us for not thinking that Friedberg and Seltzer’s “look, there’s Lady Gaga!” style of satire won’t find any ripe new material in the forests of Pandora.

Discuss: Do you care to defend Friedberg and Seltzer?

One Response to “World’s worst directors making Avatar spoof”

  1. while there’s plenty of young film makers and writers trying to get big, moron films like these get produced, WTF holywood?

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