Orlando Bloom signs up for The Hobbit

Production may have officially started more than two months ago, and his character Legolas may not actually appear in J.R.R. Tolkien’s original tome, but Orlando Bloom has signed up to appear in Peter Jackson‘s long-plagued two-picture adaptation of The Hobbit.

The casting – although long-rumoured – was announced over the weekend on the official Hobbit Facebook page.

The Hobbit is a prequel to the original Lord of the Rings trilogy, in which Bilbo Baggins (Martin Freeman) goes on an epic quest to battle a dragon named Smaug.

Elijah Wood will also reprise the role of Frodo in the film, despite it taking place decades before his birth. He will act as the film’s narrator. We can presume Bloom’s Legolas will appear in a similar manner.

Discuss: Are they trying too hard to make The Hobbit seem like LOTR, or do you appreciate the links being made between the projects?

2 Responses to “Orlando Bloom signs up for The Hobbit”

  1. The Hobbit as a stand-alone story isn’t interesting enough for Hwood blockbuster movie audiences these days. They need familiar characters to draw people in. I think it’s a good idea. Not sure though about it being a 2-movie deal though…it’s stretching the attention span and patience of the audience.

  2. Legolas is alive for the hobbit so no we dont need to insult the american public

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