Sarah Palin biopic to draw Joan of Arc parallels; feature violent animal imagery

According to Deadline, a two-hour feature film about Sarah Palin is set to hit American screens next month.

Commissioned by the lady herself, The Undefeated is scheduled to premiere in Iowa, the first big primary election state for the 2012 presidential campaign.

It is a shrewd and, arguably, cynical move from the political team of the rumoured presidential candidate.

Dubbed “Palin’s Secret Weapon” by Scott Conroy at RealClearPolitics, it may help catapult Palin from the presidential afterthought she has become in the eyes of many pundits into creditable presidential material.

The Stephen Bannon directed film is reportedly rife with religious metaphor; it will undoubtedly appeal to staunch Palin supporters, featuring dramatic images of lions killing a zebra and unmistakeable allusions to Palin as a Joan of Arc-like figure.

After the initial rollout in the four early voting states, the film will be released more broadly and eventually as a video-on-demand deal.

Discuss: So … looking forward to checking this out?

One Response to “Sarah Palin biopic to draw Joan of Arc parallels; feature violent animal imagery”

  1. Not Palin’s movie but I would watch Kevin Rudd’s Ceaser.

    And we complain our politicians are wasting tax money?

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