The Human Centipede 2 banned in the UK

Well! It’s been nine months since the teaser trailer for Tom Six‘s The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) debuted online, and almost 10 months since the first film burned the image of a three-person food-processing plant into our corneas.

We were wondering how long it would take for Six’s latest horrifying creation to hit our screens, and we now have an answer. Not soon!

As reported by Empire, the British Board of Film Classification has rejected the current cut of the film, essentially banning it (at least in the UK).

You can check out some spoilerific details about the film over at the BBFC website, but here’s a tease of its content:

“This new work, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), tells the story of a man who becomes sexually obsessed with a DVD recording of the first film and who imagines putting the ‘centipede’ idea into practice. Unlike the first film, the sequel presents graphic images of sexual violence, forced defecation, and mutilation, and the viewer is invited to witness events from the perspective of the protagonist.”

Oh, it gets worse.

Of course, a banning like this only adds to Six and his series’ notoriety. No doubt a slightly edited version of the film will be resubmitted to the BBFC and approved for release. No news as to which version we’ll receive in Australia.

You know we’ll keep you posted.

Until then, we’ll leave you with this quote from the man himself, when we interviewed him back in 2010:

“We filmed it in London and it’s going to be a human centipede of twelve people, and Part One will really be My Little Pony compared to Part Two, because Part Two is going to be really nasty.”

Discuss: Has Six gone too far???

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  1. “Has Six gone too far???”


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