Cyrus directors take on Pitchfork

There are no doubt plenty of alterna-rockers and new-rave hipsters that would love to take revenge on those music mavens at Pitchfork, who dole out brutal album reviews on a 10-point decimal scale (particularly Jet, who weren’t even afforded the dignity of a score in this wordless critique).

That indie institution is being taken down a peg by the only guys with enough cred to get away with: Mumblecore auteurs Jay and Mark Duplass (The Puffy Chair, Cyrus).

According to the L.A. Times, the Duplass brothers have been shopping the script for a dramatic thriller called Pitchfork, in which the mother of a recently deceased musician tries to take revenge on the snarky music critic who frequently mocked him (revealed to merely be a teenager).

Susan Sarandon is being courted to play the mother, while Cyrus star Jonah Hill has reportedly spoken with the directors about the role of the teen blogger.

A devastating review from Pitchfork can often undo any goodwill or buzz attributed to a band (well, amongst Pitchfork readers at least). But the site has a good sense of humour about themselves, so we look forward to their review of the film’s soundtrack.

Discuss: We give this news a 7.4.

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