New trailer for Tom Hanks’ Larry Crowne

A trailer was released for the Tom Hanks-directed Larry Crowne back in March. Out in the US in July, the film’s plot has been likened to the quirky TV show Community: it features a man (Hanks) who loses his job, signs up for community college, joins a scooter gang and… finds some meaning, we guess. Julia Roberts is also involved; she plays Larry’s teacher-turned-love-interest.

Now a second trailer for the film is out on the Internets, with slightly more Julia Roberts screen-time and a rollicking song towards the end (with new snappy, bright credits), a trailer that frames Larry Crowne more in comedy terms than the emotional drama type depiction the first trailer laid out (ably assisted by some awful, fade to white credits).

Sorry to say but the second trailer hasn’t changed my mind on this one: it all looks pretty underwhelming. The ‘middle-aged man’s life awakening’ thing is more appealing when there’s some absurdism involved (i.e. Being John Malkovich); otherwise it’s kind of hard to draw a large audience in (unless Larry has some seriously awesome quirks). Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are strong actors, but it looks like they might have some clichéd comedic dialogue to deal with here. The scooter gang aspect of the plot could prove uplifting, but then again, it could also be really lame.

Discuss: Does the second trailer seal the deal for Larry Crowne – will you go and see it?

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