Bateman to join Vaughn in The Insane Laws?

Arrested Development favourite Jason Bateman is set to continue his smooth transition to big screen comedies (Couples Retreat, Juno, Horrible Bosses) with a role in upcoming film The Insane Laws.

Deadline reports that the star is in early talks with Universal to play a leading role opposite Vince Vaughn, for whom the film was developed. The two worked together previously on Couples Retreat, playing two husbands working on their marriages, and The Insane Laws sees the pair play best buddies whose kids fall for each other (get it – Vaughn and Bateman become in-laws, but because they’re so cuh-razy, they’re in-sane-laws?!). Their friendship is tested when Vaughn’s kid falls pregnant with Bateman’s kid’s, erm, kid.

Bateman has already done a read through of the script, which is penned by The Break Up writer Jeremy Garelick, who will direct the film (making it his first, big screen directorial role). Considering Vaughn singled out Bateman and convinced him to star in Couples Retreat, Vaughn might have similar persuasive influence on Bateman taking the role in The Insane Laws.

Discuss: Would you like to see Vaughn and Bateman team up again for another film? 

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