Paul Feig wants Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy for “unconventional love story”

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is set to reteam with producer Judd Apatow for a new comedy. Although details on the project are scarce, Deadline has revealed that Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy (both in Bridesmaids) are being considered to star in the “unconventional love story”.

We spoke with Feig earlier today, and he confirmed that the rumours were true.

“Yeah, that rumour just came out this morning, which I was trying to hide. I don’t mind that it’s out there. Nothing’s official; who knows if they’ll do it. That would be my dream, to have the two of them, because I love them as performers and I’ve always wanted to tell a love story about two people falling in love who Hollywood wouldn’t normally let fall in love.”

That full interview will be up next week.

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