Nicolas Winding Refn wants Christina Hendricks for Wonder Woman

Nicolas Winding Refn – the acclaimed director of the Pusher trilogy, Bronson and Cannes hit Drive – has, weirdly, long wanted to make a Wonder Woman movie. And as he told Vulture at the U.S. premiere of Drive, he wants Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks to star in it.

Last year he told Movieline,

“Wonder Woman, I really want to make. That, I’m hoping, will be my $200 million extravaganza — if I even get close to it. That’s why I say, ‘Well, let me go make Drive. Let me start the ball rolling within the system’.”

Even though he’s serious about the project, it seems unlikely he’ll ever get to make it (especially with NBC’s failed attempt to launch a TV series around the DC comic character).

Still, he gestured towards Hendricks at the Drive premiere, saying, “If I ever get to do it, she’s going to be it”.

It also helps that Hendricks is game.

Discuss: Hollywood, we don’t ask much of you, but what do we need to do to get this happening?

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