Joel and Ethan Coen get folksy with follow-up

Back in February, Joel and Ethan Coen (jokingly?) suggested they might follow-up True Grit with a “full-on horror” movie, starring Frances McDormand as the monster. As fun as that sounds, much more believable details about their next project have emerged.

According to The L.A. Times, the brothers are working on a script focusing on the Greenwich Village folk scene. Although Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell among countless others were discovered during this time, Joel and Ethan are more concerned with blues guitarist and architect of the coffeehouse folk revolution Dave von Ronk.

A source tells the L.A. Times that the Coens are drawing from Van Ronk’s memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street.

The duo dropped hints about their project at a Lincoln Center talk with director Noah Baumbach several weeks ago, stating that the film would feature a number of live musical performances.

Discuss: Does this sound like a worthy project for Joel and Ethan?

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