Leonardo DiCaprio joining Beyoncé in A Star Is Born?

According to Deadline, Clint Eastwood is still eager to remake A Star Is Born for Warner Bros. He’s even trying to recruit his J. Edgar star Leonardo DiCaprio to appear opposite Beyoncé Knowles in the musical.

It was revealed back in January that Eastwood and Beyoncé would team up for the fourth screen version of the Star tale.

William A. Wellman’s version debuted in 1937, and featured Janet Gaynor as a wide-eyed young actress, and Fredric March as an ageing celebrity who helps her become …. well, a star. The film was remade in 1954 by George Cukor, with Judy Garlandand James Mason in the leading roles. A third interpretation of the story arrived in Frank Pierson’s 1976 film, featuring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

There is little more to Deadline’s report beyond Eastwood ‘wanting’ DiCaprio for the role. Frankly, we’d rather see Eastwood as Beyoncé’s love interest, just so this already weird-sounding project would be just that little bit weirder.

Discuss: Can you see DiCaprio as the star of a musical?

One Response to “Leonardo DiCaprio joining Beyoncé in A Star Is Born?”

  1. dicaprio is a brilliant actor, he will be wonderful no mattewr what he does, beyonce however might be another story, much harder for electronics to mask sub standard acting than singing

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