Tom Hanks talks Toy Story 4

So, this is unexpected. Tom Hanks has reportedly told BBC’s Breakfast News that Pixar are working on Toy Story 4.

According to Bleeding Cool (who spotted Hanks’ appearance on the BBC), a reporter asked the live-action Woody the simple question: ‘Will there be a Toy Story 4?’

He responded casually: “I think there will be yeah. Yeah, yeah. They’re working on it now. There you go.”

Now, it’s important to note that Hanks and co-star Tim Allen have signed up for a fourth Toy Story, but it’s common practice for studios to lock in talent for umpteen sequels to their biggest blockbuster franchises. That doesn’t mean they’ll go ahead.

And although Toy Story 3 grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide and scored a Best Picture nomination (usually reason enough to warrant a sequel), the third film of the trilogy seemed to have a truly conclusive and satisfying ending that Pixar dare not tamper with.

Is Hanks referring to the fact that he’s signed up for another Toy Story? Is he merely trying to say something explosive as to help promote his new film Larry Crowne?

Heck, who knows. Until we have some firm information…

Discuss: Would you like to see Toy Story 4?

8 Responses to “Tom Hanks talks Toy Story 4”

  1. No I do not want to see this happen. What I admired about Toy Story 3 was that not only was it a really good story in itself, but it let the tale of our favorite toys end on a high note and was a perfect ending. Not only that but I respected the fact that they waited until they had a good story to tell, they didn’t just churn out the third movie because the 2nd one did well, they waited till they had the best possible story and they finished off the tale of the toys. We don’t need another Toy Story movie, let it end on a high note don’t run it into the ground

  2. No I also do not want to see another Toy Story. The last film ended so beautifully that I feel a new movie will just ruin the story. Why don’t they rather make a new movie altogether and lay Toy Story to rest.

  3. they should make an Incredibles sequel

  4. I agree with Tim, I would prefer The Incredibles 2 rather than Toy Story 4.

  5. No, i dont want to see this happen. As much as i love toy story, i dont want it to turn into a Shrek-esque franchise and go on for far too long and ruin it

  6. I doubt any further Toy Story sequels could equal the impact 3 had – it finished on a beautiful note with a conclusive final to Andy’s chapter and any topics they tackle now could only be repitition of the same for Bonnie’s toys. I have watched Toy Story 3 at least 7 times and it still makes me tear up almost constantly for the last 15mins…. they must have had a swag of child psychologists on board to make sure they didn’t scar kids for life over the thought of throwing anything away! A fourth movie could only be a disappointment.

  7. Would you like to see Toy Story 4? yes

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