Wachowskis working on Jupiter Rising

Jupiter Rising is rumoured to be the next project for directing super-siblings Andy and Lana Wachowski, according to Twitch.

Though the duo have been in the news of late more for their film flops and personal lives, could this super secret project with Warner Brothers see them return to their Matrix glory days? Having released no details about the upcoming film it’s quite hard to say. We don’t even know if the title alludes to a sci-fi spectacular.

Meanwhile, the Wachowskis remain signed on to produce and co-direct Cloud Atlas, while an urban Robin Hood retelling – to star Will Smith – waits in the wings, and CN-9 (Colbalt Neutral 9), which has been described as a gay Iraq War romance, goes into pre-production.

Jupiter Rising is said to be a priority project for Warner Brothers, which hopefully means the awful sounding Robin Hood project will die a speedy death.

Discuss: With their last film, Speed Racer, garnering critical backlash are you excited for the Wachowskis next film? 

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