Michael Bay preps low-budget follow-up to Transformers 3

Transformers: Dark of the Moon, for all of its flaws (of which there are many), is inarguably one of the biggest blockbusters ever made. Director Michael Bay is just not the kind of guy who works on a small scale. Or is he?

Bay has long wanted to make a (relatively) low-budget crime comedy called Pain & Gain, focusing on two steroid-happy body-builders who get entangled in a life of crime. Although he originally wanted to make the feature after wrapping Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, he was convinced by Paramount to jump straight back into the next robot feature.

Speaking to MTV, Bay revealed that he will be working on Pain & Gain next, with a budget of merely $20 million. Just $20 million! That’s what Bay spends on his home movies!

Discuss: Can you imagine Bay pulling off a small scale black comedy?

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