Adam McKay to direct Ferrell and Wahlberg in Three Mississippi

A couple of months back it was revealed that The Other Guys themselves, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, would reteam to star in a backyard football comedy named Turkey Bowl. According to Vulture, TOG director Adam McKay has signed on to helm the film, newly-retitled Three Mississippi.

Ferrell and Wahlberg will star as the patriarchs of two neighbouring families who go to war over an annual Thanksgiving game of tackle football.

Warner Bros acquired the pitch from writers Robert Carlock (30 Rock) and Scott Silveri (Friends). The story is credited to Owen Burke (Funny or Die).

As previously reported,  Alec Baldwin is already attached to star as Wahlberg’s dad. The pitch also promises plenty of celebrity cameos, and the football games will supposedly echo the “Battle of the Newscasters” from Ferrell and McKay’s Anchorman.

Discuss: Glad to see this trio collaborate once again?

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