Michael Bay recycles action sequence from The Island for Transformers 3

Did you catch Michael Bay‘s Transformers: Dark of the Moon over the weekend? Of course you did. Odds are, however, that you weren’t watching it quite as intently as YouTuber cinefilogermain23, who noticed that a shot from one of the film’s many (many!) action sequences had been lifted from Bay’s little seen 2005 flop The Island.

User cinefilojermain23 has handily uploaded a comparison of the two films for us to examine frame-by-frame (the fact that it depicts some car-related carnage does not diminish the Zapruder-esque nature of this business).

Check it out and share your thoughts below!

It’s pretty clear that Bay (or perhaps one of his three editors, Roger Barton, who also worked on The Island) took the shot from the earlier film and stuck a big ol’ Transformer in there. But it’s certainly no reason to be upset at Bay (there are plenty of other reasons for that). The fact is, recycling footage isn’t as uncommon as you would imagine; stock footage is regularly used to pad out certain sequences in many movies. This isn’t even the first time Bay has done it! Check out Slashfilm’s expose on his Pearl Harbour/Transformers mix-and-match.

Discuss: The good news is that footage-recycling will allow Bay to hit that $20 million budget on Pain & Gain with ease. Surely he’s got a bank of explosions and car crashes that he can reuse. Thrifty!

2 Responses to “Michael Bay recycles action sequence from The Island for Transformers 3”

  1. Bay did this because the original filming resulted in a stunt woman being injured so he just recycled some footage to avoid another clash. Seems fine enough by me 🙂

  2. I believe that this film was the baddest Transformers movie out of all three of them.

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