Angry Birds: The Movie flying forward

It’s almost been a year since we learnt that app producers Rovio were working on a film adaptation of their cultural-consciousness-consuming megahit Angry Birds (as well as potential TV shows, toys and comic book spin-offs).

According to Variety, development on the Angry Birds feature is finally getting off the ground, with former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel acting as special advisor to Rovio.

Maisel is the man who helped secure $525 million for Marvel to develop their own pictures, kicking off with Iron Man. He also assisted in the company’s $4 billion sale to Disney.

Rovio’s new advisor revealed that he had been meeting with screenwriters and directors to bring the epic tale of the Angry Birds, as well as their vile pig enemies, to the big screen.

“”There has been so much chatter about an ‘Angry Birds’ movie, but it’s now real … The process is starting now.”

The Variety piece also reveals that Rovio hopes to evolve into a Pixar-sized behemoth. Good luck with that!

Discuss: As I said last time, when are we going to see the “T-Pain Auto Tune App: The Movie”? Surely this is the more pressing adaptation.

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