Rose Byrne talks Bridesmaids, Get Him To The Greek sequels

Rose Byrne has long been one of Australia’s most beloved young actresses and she’s finally getting the recognition she deserves in the U.S. Not just for her Emmy nominated turn on the TV show Damages, but also for her memorable roles in Judd Apatow productions Get Him To The Greek and Bridesmaids.

Speaking with Vulture, Byrne half-jokingly brainstormed some sequel ideas for both projects. First up, Vulture asked her for a potential synopsis to their proposed (and rather-brilliantly titled) Bridesmaids sequel, Bridesmaids Revisited.

““Maybe Annie [Kristen Wiig] can marry Officer Rhodes [Chris O’Dowd] … and I can plan their wedding! Although we’d need more tension.”

The magazine then suggested a spin-off to Get Him To The Greek (which was itself a spin-off from Forgetting Sarah Marshall), in which her Jackie Q character takes the limelight.

“She needs her own reality show! She’s kind of like a Kardashian. That’s what I loved about her, sending up pop culture and all of that. She’s so narcissistic. So flamboyant. So deluded. She’s really the female version of Aldous [Russell Brand’s character], but she’s probably smarter and slightly more functional than him.”

The Bridesmaids sequel certainly seems the most likely to come to fruition, considering the film’s massive box office success. It also helps that director Paul Feig is keen.

As for the possibility of a Jackie Q-centric film, Byrne concluded her conversation with Vulture thusly: “I’ve got to pitch this to Judd!”

Discuss: Gun to your head, which of the two films would you rather see?

One Response to “Rose Byrne talks Bridesmaids, Get Him To The Greek sequels”

  1. First of all, Bridesmaids is overrated. Secondly, Rose Byrne isn’t a great actress, I can’t see her being able to hold a movie on her own as the lead, so hopefully they drop the spin-off idea.

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