Are you ready for a 4-D cinema experience?

And we’d barely gotten used to 3-D! South Korean company CJ 4DPlex has told Vulture they plan to bring their 4-D theatre technology to America, and should they be successful, you can bet the rest of the world will follow.

But what is 4-D you ask? It was recently revealed that Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids 4 would be in 4-D, taking advantage of scratch-and-sniff cards for viewers to use at specific times during the film. Although called ‘Aromascope’, it hardly indicates an immersive viewing experience.

CJ 4DPlex, who already have cinemas in South Korea, Mexico, China and Bangkok, utilise rocking seats, strobe lights, wind, fog, water and scents that spray from the seat in front of you. They also punch you.

According to a viewer of Kung Fu Panda 2 in the company’s South Korean 4-D cinema, “the cushions have the massage chair motors so it punches you (lightly) in the kidneys or ass when Po would get hit or fall down.”

The question, of course, is how much it will cost. Although CJ 4DPlex did not reveal to Vulture their American prices, tickets for a 4-D session in Seoul are about double that of 2-D (and thus, even more expensive than a 3-D session).

Discuss: Will the gimmick of a 4-D cinema experience be worth the inflated prices, or are you craving the simple pleasures of a non-punchy 2-D film?

One Response to “Are you ready for a 4-D cinema experience?”

  1. I don’t want a 4d film, nor do I want a 3d film, I just want a 2d film with a good story, interesting characters and good dialogue, is that too much to ask?

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