Edward Norton might play villain in The Bourne Legacy

Edward Norton‘s already bright star was set to shoot into the stratosphere following Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk. Instead, the famously-difficult actor saw the opposite take place: his last three films performed dismally at the U.S. box office (and headed direct-to-DVD here in Australia) and Mark Ruffalo took his place as Hulk in The Avengers.

Well, let the second comeback start now! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Norton is in negotiations to play the lead villain in Tony Gilroy’s The Bourne Legacy.

The film is a spinoff of the highly successful Bourne Identity trilogy which starred Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. In The Bourne Legacy, Jeremy Renner will play a government program operative more dangerous than Bourne. Damon is not expected to make an appearance in the film.

Rachel Weisz has been cast as Renner’s love interest.

Discuss: Glad to see Norton score another high profile role?

3 Responses to “Edward Norton might play villain in The Bourne Legacy”

  1. Edward Norton is a great actor, perhaps better at the villain role than a hero’s. Glad he’s back!

  2. Norton plays a great hero. A lot of the great roles these days are the bad guys. The heroes are a bit vanilla, really.


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