Emma Watson cast in Guillermo del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson has been cast as the title character in a Guillermo del Toro-produced adaptation of Beauty and the Beast (as the Beauty, obviously).

ComingSoon spoke to producer Denise Di Novi, who revealed that she was working on the picture with del Toro.

No more details have been revealed. It’s unlikely del Toro will direct, as he is about to begin work on his action film Pacific Rim.

Discuss: Does Watson have the chops to pull of a post-Harry Potter career?

2 Responses to “Emma Watson cast in Guillermo del Toro’s Beauty and the Beast”

  1. Yes I think she does. I love her. I think she’s all class. I’m looking forward to seeing what she is going to do next as I am with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

  2. Justin Bieber and Miley could be in this and Guillermo would make them look staggeringly good.

    Because he is God.

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