Mailman and Mauboy cast in The Sapphires

Hopscotch has announced a big screen adaptation of hit stage musical The Sapphires, to star Deborah Mailman and Jessica Mauboy.

The film will also see newcomers Shari Sebbens and Miranda Tapsell don matching dresses to play an all-girl Aboriginal pop group formed in 1968 as an answer to America’s The Supremes.

The story will be adapted by Keith Thomspon (Clubland) and playwright Tony Briggs – whose mother and aunt toured Vietnam as singers and inspired the musical – and will be directed by Wayne Blair.

The Sapphires will film in both Sydney and Vietnam, with production to begin in August, and is set to be the next big Australian production in the vein of Bran Nue Dae.

The story has been described as “lots of love and laugher, set against the backdrop of the social upheaval of the late 1960s, a wonderful cast and crew and an unbeatable soul music soundtrack.”

Discuss: Have you caught The Sapphires on stage? Will it translate to film?

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