First look at Lily Collins in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White

We’ve seen Kristen Stewart in character as a gritty Snow White in Rupert Sanders Snow White and The Huntsman. Now comes the first official photo of Lily Collins as Snow in Tarsem Singh‘s own take on the classic fable, The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. And it’s certainly got a different look!

Singh’s version will star Julia Roberts as The Evil Queen, Armie Hammer as Prince Andrew and Sean Bean as The King. Deadline reports that The Brothers Grimm: Snow White is merely a working title.

Vulture caught up with Singh at Comic Con over the weekend, where he met the makers of his rival Snow White project.

“‘I met them, wished them luck,’ Singh told Vulture, then laughed. ‘Didn’t mean it.'”

He then added,

“They’re good people, and these are two different films…The problem that I always find is that it’s not like two disaster movies or two different things: These are two movies with Snow White, and I don’t think there’s too much room in the market for it, though I could be proven wrong.”

The Brothers Grimm: Snow White hits cinemas a couple months earlier than Snow White and The Huntsman, arriving March 2012.

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One Response to “First look at Lily Collins in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White”

  1. This one is called the Brother’s Grimm version and yet I would say Kirstin Stewart’s looks more like something the Brother’s Grimm would have transcribed. To be honest I don’t see why they couldn’t have just adapted Gregory Maguire’s Mirror Mirror. It’s the perfect combination between the Snow White fantasy tale and it’s real life inspiration. Not to mention it’s altogether a great story.

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