Travolta, Norris and Van Damme joining The Expendables 2?

If you thought the cast of the first Expendables featured some of the finest vintage direct-to-DVD action stars around, wait until you hear some of the names being floated for Part 2.

Although Sylvester Stallone won’t be at the helm, director Simon West is prepping production on the sequel to the hit ensemble flick. Set to film in Bulgaria, the CEO of that country’s biggest film studio, David Varod, has come out and revealed some of the stars supposedly joining the cast.

Varod stated in an interview with Novinite (and spotted by Collider), that Stallone, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren and Mickey Rourke will be joined by John Travolta, Chuck Norris, and former hold-out Jean-Claude Van Damme (he was to have Lundgren’s role in the first flick, but turned it down, weirdly, for ideological reasons). He also claims Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger will return, albeit with bigger roles (although this has been reported previously).

We’re hesitant to consider this a confirmation, but it’s fun to consider, no?

The Expendables 2 arrives in cinemas August 2012.

Discuss: Which other somewhat-forgotten stars would you like to see join the team?

One Response to “Travolta, Norris and Van Damme joining The Expendables 2?”

  1. Bwhaa haahaa…I’m still laughing at the prospect of Van Damme and Lundgren being in the same flick. That’s either the smartest or dumbest move ever. What about Hulk Hogan?
    PS I don’t know where to put this comment…Quickflix I am so over seeing Fish Tank & the Caterpillar movie pop up on Head2Head whenever I log on. Either put on new ones or get rid of this as a feature.

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