Die Hard 5 getting new director

Back in February it was revealed Bruce Willis and 20th Century Fox had selected Noam Murro (Smart People) to helm the fifth instalment of the Die Hard saga. However, now that Murro is working on the 300 spin-off Battle of Artemisia, Deadline reports that Fox are on the hunt for someone to take his spot in the Die Hard 5 director’s chair.

Although early reports claimed John Moore (Max Payne) had the job, Deadline claim that he is merely one name on their shortlist, which also includes Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Nicholas Winding Refn (Drive) and Justin Lin (Fast Five).

The new director would be working from a screenplay by Skip Woods, which sees John McClane and his son in Russia.

Discuss: Which of these directors would best fit the bill?

One Response to “Die Hard 5 getting new director”

  1. Son… boo. Bring back Mary Elizabeth Winstead!!

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