Steven Soderbergh co-directing The Hunger Games?

OK, that headline is not entirely accurate, but according to The Playlist, Steven Soderbergh is indeed directing 2nd Unit on Gary Ross‘ production of The Hunger Games.

The almost-hilariously prolific director always likes to keep busy, and is apparently biding time between projects by assisting his old friend Ross (who’ll need plenty of help getting the film completed for its March 2013 release date).

Soderbergh still plans to retire in the coming years, but will next work on male-stripper flick Magic Mike.

Discuss: Does this make you more or less intrigued in The Hunger Games?

2 Responses to “Steven Soderbergh co-directing The Hunger Games?”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the angle the studio takes on this. Depending on your point of view the storyline is either awesome (eg. district 12 rocks!) or a really depressing view of post-apocalyptic humanity. How on earth are the fighting and the deaths of children going to be portrayed? And to what audience level?

  2. I will watch “The Hunger Games” because I read the book, but have to agree with Caz. Children ( to me even teenagers are still children ) fight one another to the death. A very young girl dies in a very gruesome manner, so not sure how they are going to do this. Does anyone know what the rating for this is going to be? Are the target audience tweens or teens? So yes I will be keeping a close eye on this one.

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