Thor 2 to cross over with Game of Thrones

It was announced last month that Thor director Kenneth Branagh would not return to direct the sequel for Marvel. Variety now reports Game of Thrones helmer Brian Kirk is in talks to sit in the director’s chair (or … throne … geddit?) for Thor 2.

Although Kirk has also directed episodes of fellow HBO show Boardwalk Empire (and even Showtime’s Dexter), it seems likely that his work on the medieval fantasy Game of Thrones put him in contention for telling the next tale of Asgard’s hammer-wielding first son.

Chris Hemsworth will return as Thor in the sequel, which is currently set for release July 26, 2013. He will next be seen, however, in Joss Whedon‘s The Avengersarriving in cinemas May 2012.

Discuss: Do you like the idea of Kirk potentially taking over, or are you still heartbroken that Branagh left?

2 Responses to “Thor 2 to cross over with Game of Thrones”

  1. If only Game of Thrones woulf Cross over with Thor 2. Then Thor can beat the shit out of Joffrey with his hammer.

  2. No wonder. The production values of Game of Thrones is extraordinary. Aus tv absolutely pales into insignificance. What do we get? Kate Ritchie as a cop? Puhlease.

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