Kenny Ortega to remake Dirty Dancing

High School Musical director Kenny Ortega has been tapped by Lionsgate to direct a remake of Dirty Dancing

Deadline has the official press release, which notes that Ortega was the choreographer on the original 1987 film.

Ortega’s reboot will include a number of the hit songs from the original, as well as some brand new compositions.

It is implied by the release that the film will feature the characters of Johnny Castle and Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman (originally played by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey respectively).

Discuss: Are you looking forward to seeing a new Dirty Dancing? Who would you cast in the lead roles?

23 Responses to “Kenny Ortega to remake Dirty Dancing”

  1. It won’t be the same but I’ll still watch it (and wonder why I did).

  2. Oh no, please tell me it’s a joke!! Why can’t they just leave these classics alone? What’s next – Ghost?

  3. Never, never, never …. this is such a classic and was so perfect that it seems pure sacrilege to even try to re-do it. Why would they even try? Can’t they think of something new to make, rather than do poor immitations? And God forbid that they do try to re-make Ghost!

  4. OMG, You could never replace patrick, and why would you. I and my kids still watch this and have 2 copies at home. Leave it as is.

  5. Since when was Dirty Dancing out of touch with today’s generation? It’s still the most awesome film, even now…

    High school musical, however, was a sheer disaster and should NEVER NEVER NEVER be mentioned again. The director should be banned from all future film making.

  6. It’s like remaking Grease!!! Oh HELL NO!

  7. Hell NO!!!! Remakes are nearly always an absolute disaster, which sullies fans memories of the originals. Whoever decided this needs to be put in the furthest possible corner. Grrr!!

  8. Zac Effron would b a good choice to play Patrick Swayze’s part.

  9. OMG….I can’t believe anyone could even think such a thing….It will be a disaster and I won’t be a viewer

  10. First Footlose,then Red Dawn and now this…without sounding too old – get some new stories to tell and don’t even think about touching the Breakfast Club, St Elmos Fire or the Outsiders!

  11. Sorry I don’t like the idea. It just won’t be the same movie without patrick swayze.

  12. Remake??… A definitive NO!…. I might watch a movie about what happened AFTER… as in when they got a little older.. Did she go overseas?.. Did he get rid of that chip on his shoulder?
    Older characters in a completely new but related story MAY work, but don’t you dare try and COPY the original!!

  13. I would love to see a remake that had the old songs plus new ones. I’d cast Mathew Morrison and Gwennyth Paltrow as they have chemistry that sizzles. For devotees of the original Patrick Swayze version,this will always be a classic and a overhauled remake will only give us something fresh to watch.
    I could also see Zac Ephron doing the male lead, but I’d like to see someone beautiful and fresh in the lead role for the girl. I would still love to see Morrison and Paltrow together.

  14. It all comes down to $$$$$$$ !

  15. I would love to see either Benny Schwimmer or Pasha from So You Think You Can Dance play the male role.

  16. Just NO!!!!!!

  17. It would be like re-doing Grease, as someone else mentioned. You just don’t need to. My young nieces watch these old originals and love them, even Pete’s Dragon is a favourite. Think of something new to do, don’t mess with perfection!

  18. I have always wondered what would happen to Baby and Johnny when they were older. Now that Patrick has died there should never never never be a second movie as there is nobody who could play the role as well as him and nobody could play Baby like Jennifer. Please don’t let them destroy the memory of the movie.

  19. When this comes out it will make enough money to be seen as a good (safe) thing for movie makers to do and it will boost rentals of the old movie for people who want to compare the two.


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