The Hunger Games sequel scores a release date

The first Hunger Games movie is yet to hit our screens, but a date has been set for its sequel. According to The Wrap, Catching Fire, the second film based on Suzanne Collins’ bestselling series, will be released on November 22nd 2013.

There will be one year and eight months between the first instalment – due out in March 2012 – and its sequel. This is compared to one year between films for Twilight (the series THG is being compared with most), though there are no vampire-ageing issues to contend with in The Hunger Games.

Lionsgate hasn’t released any further details about the sequel, such as whether director Gary Ross and stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth will return. It isn’t unusual for franchises such as this to change director from film to film, though one would hope the three stars reprise their roles for consistency’s sake.

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