Trailer Debut: The Sitter

The trailer for the new Jonah Hill vehicle, The Sitter (our 20th most anticipated film of 2011!), has debuted online. Actually, make that ‘trailers’.

Directed by David Gordon Green – whose other 2011 flick Your Highness was released earlier in the year – The Sitter stars Hill as an ill-equipped babysitter who is hunted by a couple of drug dealers (the brilliant J.B Smoove and Sam Rockwell) whilst caring for some rowdy neighbourhood kids.

According to early reviews of Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanakathe’s script, the tone of the comedy is pitch-black. Although you get a sense of that in the trailers, I’m hoping the entire, unrestrained feature film will be even darker.

You can watch the Green Band trailer (for all audiences) below.

Or, if you’d prefer to see some more swearing and sex, you can watch the Red Band trailer below. Gee, which will you choose? (This is for Over-18’s only! No cheating!)

Watch them in HD over at Yahoo.

The Sitter arrives in Australian cinemas December 8, 2011.

Discuss: This will be Hill’s first foray as a leading man (without Michael Cera or Russell Brand by his side). Can he carry a film by himself?

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