Jesse Eisenberg to play young genius … again

As if Jesse Eisenberg wasn’t already in danger of being typecast. The ‘berg is set to star as Evan Kohlmann – the real-life 23-year-old counterterrorism expert – in a new film from his Social Network producer Scott Rudin.

According to Deadline, The Messenger‘s Oren Moverman will adapt Kohlmann’s exploits from Wesley Yang’s New York Magazine profile The Terrorist Search Engine. Moverman is also expected to direct.

Nicknamed “the Doogie Howser of terrorism”, Kohlmann unearthed terror threats from all over the world by picking apart countless jihadist videos, websites and communications. His testimony was used to convict nearly two dozen terrorists.

Discuss: Will you see Eisenberg as another film about a young genius?

One Response to “Jesse Eisenberg to play young genius … again”

  1. If you can do it well then do it!

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